Mushroom Kingdom Wants YOU!!

Group of friends that play under the Alter Egos of characters from Mario Brothers are looking for more people to reach full capacity of 16 players.

We would prefer players 21 years of age or older that enjoy playing drinking games while playing Halo and don’t take the game TOO seriously, we really like to have fun :smiley:

Our Drinking Game of choice is K/D Spread. When you die you take a drink, at the end of the game, the person with the highest K/D makes others drink that many times minus their own K/D.

Ex: Mario gets a K/D of 15, Luigi gets a K/D of 4, and Bowser gets a -5

That’s 11 drinks for Luigi, and 20 drinks for Bowser (We get smashed quickly)

We have our own emblem, and so far our Roster is composed primarily of:

Interested? Drop me a line here and we’ll go from there! Mama-mia!!

I would try posting this in the Recruiting forum it might be a bit helpful to your cause

As ProximateXBOX said, try posting in the Recruiting section. This section of the forums is for Halo 4-discussion.

On the other hand, I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. The role-playing, and the drinking game sounds like a good and HILARIOUS idea LOL. All while playing under the alter egos of Mario characters xD

Lol if I was still in college I would be so down. Alas, careers!

Yoshi really dislikes Plasma Pistol/ Sticky Grenade loadouts.