Murf accounts. ....

So, there’s a solution comming? It’s ridiculous that every 2 games i ran with a (-$:&;@:@/ smurfffff and get rekt cause they team up with already good player and facing low ranks they still ranking up!! If a onyx win to a gold, bronze, plat, its stupid that they’re still
going up!! Or that guys that already are in a good lvl can use one of the 2 or 3 murf account they have, there’s something called ip, and the console already have his own code so what are 343 waiting? That everyone whos not high onyx drop the game?
I want to know what other people think and if 343 even care, i play halo since CE i know they should be still learning but you could learn so much of previous entries and other games, by the way… the spaaaaawns dude !!! Specially in swat it’s easier to notice how broke it its