Multiple Warzone Bundles?

From what’s been announced so far and from what I understand of it, the Warzone REQ Bundle comes with 14 “Premium REQ Packs” that will be released “two a week”. That all I’ve been able to figure out so far.
This is 100% conjecture, but do you think the Warzone bundle will be a one-per-account thing, or do you think once one runs out, you can just get another one? Because while they are (at the moment) only bonuses for getting certain versions of the game, some places like Gamestop and the Microsoft store have the Warzone Bundle listed as something you can eventually buy separately.
Any input would be immensely appreciated. I realize this doesn’t really have any significant impact on the game, but I’m a cosmetic DLC -Yoink!- who won’t stop until I catch 'em all.
TL;DR Do you think you can get redeem more Warzone Bundles after the first one is used up?

It’s probably like those dlc’s where you buy the content early and don’t have to wait/unlock it.