Multiple Questions please help!

Hey I was just wondering about some basic questions if anyone could help me out really quick:

  1. At the end of the Arena seasons do we get like req packs or prizes based on our final divisional standing?
  2. Why do I never get weapon skins/armor/helmets/special spawn weapons out of req packs and its always just like power weapons. They have all these cool things and I never seem to get them?


As for question 1 I have no clue, but 2 is just by pure dumb luck. Out of all of my req packs I got 1 wep skin, so you’re not alone lol.

I believe there’s emblems and small rewards tied to Arena divisions, yes.

Req Packs are randomised rewards, although buying the higher quality packs net you better gear. Gold gives you a selection of Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare and Legendary; Sliver gives you Common to Rare, and Bronze contain Common only.

Every time I try and play Multiplayer it says im not qualified, that i need 10 matches to be able to please help!!!