Multiple Identical Controller Inputs

Noticed quickly in the Vehicles Controller Inputs area that I couldn’t have both ¨Boost/E-Brake¨ and ¨Throw Grenade¨ as LT, even though I can only Boost/E-Brake when I’m the driver and only Throw Grenades when I’m a Passenger.

Why can’t I have both Inputs as LT as those two Functions Will Never interfer with each other?

Also the same with ¨Ascend/Brake¨ and ¨Melee¨, two functions that can’t interfer as one is only active as Driver and one is for Passenger, would also be nice to have those two functions available to have set on the same Input (RB for me).

Its awkward do go from Throwing Grenades with LT while on foot and then having to remember to then Throw Grenades with ¨B¨ for example when I’m a passenger in a vehicle because a different function that I can’t use as a Passenger anyway has taken the LT spot (Boost/E-Brake).

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My friend uses the boxer control layout and this completely screwed with him through the flights and all this past week. It changed everything around for him when he got in vehicles.

Edit: Also, he convinced me to switch to boxer the other day and it’s been screwing with me quite a bit as the passenger