Multiple armor effects option

we should be able to equip multiple armor effects at a time. the packmasters glare and trapmasters map effects are so apparently similar it sucks i cant use them at the same time. the same with perfect sublimity and perfect circle

2 at a time would be nice.

Flaming helmet and arms
Either and the smoke breathing.

Green eye and the green arm map.

I could see localizing each piece to where it is on the spartan. Above the head effects are some 1, on the face effects are zone 2, arms are zone 3, etc

This would be a cool idea and it should have been something they already planned on implementing before the game launched. But of course, it didn’t even cross their minds or it did and they purposely left everything the way it is… who knows?

I second this. I think being able to choose where on your Spartan’s armor you would like to have an armor effect should be implemented much the same way you can choose where on your armor to have armor attachments. Currently, there are armor affects that cover the wrists, the shoulders, and the helmet. Hence, make a wrists, shoulders, and helmet slot for armor effects. 343i could even build this on top of the existing UI slots by adding a new tab in the armor inspect menu (the same one where you can see the armor’s lore and equip armor attachments) for armor effects. This isn’t to discourage the ability to equip one effect per armor slot at a time either; hopefully 343i will look into allowing up to 2 effects on each slot at a time.

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