Multiple Armor Attachments/Effects

I wanted to address and see what the community thinks of two possible additions to player customization in Infinite:

  1. The ability to equip more than one armor attachment in a given armor section
  2. Sectioning off armor effects akin to armor attachments, and in turn the ability to equip multiple armor effects in a given section.

Currently, Halo Infinite allows for adding just one armor attachment per armor section on your Spartan. These sections include helmets, wrists, and chest pieces. To further allow for more personal player expression with their armor pieces, I think 343i industries should look into allowing more than one armor attachment to be equipped on helmets, and possibly chest pieces. This would be for pieces that don’t conflict on their placement and thus result in minimal to no clipping. For example, being able to equip the Purrfect Audio attachment to the War Master helmet whilst also being able to equip the MK12T2 TRAILWATCH attachment to the helmet’s visor.

As for armor effects, I think they should be revised and implemented to be much the same way as armor attachments, where you can choose where on your armor to equip them. Presently, there are armor affects that cover the wrists, the shoulders, and the helmet. Hence, make a wrists, shoulders, and helmet slot for armor effects. 343i could even build this on top of the existing UI slots by adding a new tab in the armor inspect menu (the same one where you can see the armor’s lore and equip armor attachments) for armor effects. And much like the above points, 343i should also look into allowing players to equip at least 2 armor effects per section where possible. An example would be being able to equip the Neon Hawk in addition to the Inevitability of War armor effect on a helmet.

What do you guys think?


Would be great to hove more customization options, but I doubt they’ll put any effort into it.
They’ll give us some generic response about armor core limitations and whatnot, and put as little effort into anything as they’ve done so far.

For a live service game, the content and the speed at which they provide is piss-poor, the shop in the other hand … booming with stuff to buy.


This definitely needs more traction. I want to be able to put all my attachments from reach onto my ODST helmet, which are like, three. So far I can only put one. Plus some of the attachments I need are gonna be in the winter update so that’s cool.

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i think its a good idea. i wonder if they already had it in mind but had an issue doing it bc theres alot of helmet attachments that could be combined bc of their placement on the sides and front of the helmet and armor effects that are affect the head, arms, or feet. so you could have bunny ears and volcano feet if you wanted.

One of the customization thoughts I had was about armor attachments. Why aren’t they impacted by armor coatings? Most of the coatings look odd with matte grey attachments. Being able to toggle if it’s coated or not would add to personalization. Especially if it was individually.

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I actually made a post about a year back talking about this aspect of coatings on armor attachments and a suggestion for implementation: