Multiplayers just not as good :(

I thought halo 4 would truly play like previous halos did, despite the elements added like AAs, sprint and loadouts which I was completlely fine with and still am. Over all I think Halo 4 is a decent game, definetly better than Reach, but nothing great compared to previous halos.

I feel as if one major problem with the multiplayer design is the
physics of the spartan models and how they move does not feel like halo to me. The animation and physics in past halos were perfect, right down to the rag doll effects and animations of how the spartans jump,crouch, and manuever around the map, which was very human like. Now the spartans to me look like they came out of some cyborg shooter and the animation and physics dont seem to show me that this is a halo game. I also don’t like how the spartans look color wise in team slayer Their very dull looking and look like pastel colors which all previuos halos had dark rich Red vs. Blue colors. Even down to aiming with certain guns doesn’t feel as tight and responsive as the other halos, which was crucial for last second kills. And no im not bad at this game Ive already gotten 2 running riots and my KD is 275 kills and 147 deaths, which is why this game seems easier to me which is not a good thing. It doesn’t seem as if i have to try harder when the game is on the line. It makes me become bored with the game when i don’t have to strive to get better and does not give me an incentive to play more.

Another issue im having is the voting system because i get the same map over and over again because ppl choose the same map. They should of stuck with the veto system because it gave u a better random chance at not getting the same map constantly. I also don’t understand why the few forge maps that they have are not in the playlists which would give more variety of maps??

I feel as if they should have learned from halo reach which they partly did. What they should have done was take from halo 3 and improved on that and they didn’t which took the spark out of halo for me. If you look at Cod they rarely ever change the game play mechanics and yet it sells very well every year. why fix what inst broken ?? If anything this is the only thing they should of took from Cod.

Most ppl say this game plays like Cod I disagree completely. I don’t think it plays like Cod or Halo to be honest. Even though they undoubtedly took certain elements from Cod I don’t think it plays like either game, but is a completely different game and should not be called halo anymore…

I think the multiplayer is good… just not great. I don’t think its better than any Bungie Halo, but I am still enjoying it despite its problems.

10 maps wasn’t enough and it was a mistake not to put in the three forge variants. People are going to get bored of this quick and with a lack luster campaign we have another reach on our hands.

> I think the multiplayer is good… just not great. I don’t think its better than any Bungie Halo, but I am still enjoying it despite its problems.

Basically this. I doesn’t feel quite the same, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless.

Yeah I kinda agree. The multiplayer is fun to a point but doesn’t wow me and make me want to keep playing. Some of the issues I have are:

  • Warthog sound sucks, I laugh everytime I hear it
  • The blue recticles are terrible and almost impossible for me to see(especially the warthog), if you are going to copy COD let us choose recticle color also
  • No unscoping when hit, what were they thinking.
  • To many vehicles on the maps, Ghost and banshees are annoying.
  • need some kind of classic playlist with no instant flag pickup, real halo flag carry(no pistol) and being able to drop it, unscoping when hit, no vehicles on map,
    you know the classic feel and style.

Now some of this might seem nit picking but it bugs me and keeps me from enjoying the experience. I’m afraid after next week this games player count will at least be cut in half probably closer to 2/3 because if you want to play COD you will get COD and not Halo that plays similar in style to COD now.

The MM in this game has the potential to be something truly great, it just needs a slight tweaking. Now, all im going to suggest is ideas for what would be in the ranked playlists. This is just because I know the playlists out now are a BETA, and im sure you already are aware of the problems.

Now the first thing I think should be changed, and an obvious one, is no join in progress. I think thats pretty self explanatory, though it works in social playlists.

Next would be random weapon spawns. I dont think this should be in ranked. The whole idea is to keep things balanced, and I think that is very counter productive to what we are looking for in a ranked playlist. And if you cant get rid of it entirely, at least make the drops a set 2-3 minutes. At least that way we can keep some control, or coordination between spawns.

Maps are also a bit of an issue. There are a couple that play well, haven in particular, but many of them feel much too big for a 4v4 playlist, much less a doubles playlist. What there is now isnt bad, I, and those who I have talked with, believe that they just arent suited to a ranked playlist is all. I can elaborate more on this if you want.

My final idea, and this may be a bit controversial, but here goes. I dont think in the ranked playlists we should be able to choose between BR and DMR. I think that along with the maps there should be the gametypes “Team BRs” and “Team DMRs” that go along with the maps. Hear me out on this though, the reason I say this is because, and especially with the maps, the DMR is too good. It is so good that it creates standoffs where people cant even move around the map. It might be hard for some people to grasp, but when you are playing 4 great players it makes moving around the map more about luck. I think the BR allows for a better flow in MM, even though I use the DMR more than anything else.

Im really tired right now, so I didnt say all I wanted to. Feel free to argue any points either here, or go ahead and PM me if you want. I will be thinking much clearer after some sleep.

The only problem with multiplayer is it’s almost too smooth, it’s a bit too easy to headshot, and there needs to be a little more map variety. But I suspect they’ll fix that soon enough.

Watching the kill cam makes me mad, lol. Most of the time they are not even aiming at me but still get the kill.

> 10 maps wasn’t enough and it was a mistake not to put in the three forge variants. People are going to get bored of this quick and with a lack luster campaign we have another reach on our hands.

why put them in when they can just make you pay for them later like they are probably planing on doing?

Hit boxes are too big. Auto aim is ridiculous. And dmr is too strong. At close range DMR can beat a BR and Ar to easily.