Multiplayer's biggest problem? It's not fun.. Here are my suggestions

So many threads discussing the lackings of Halo Infinite Multiplayer. Everything boils down to one thing: It’s not fun.

Everything about its gameplay feels so random. The pace of the game is immense. It’s so frustrating to play, because 9 out of 10 deaths will be ones you can’t do anything about. Deaths that occurred because you just had no clue someone was even there You literally DO NOT stand a chance against anyone if you are not 100% sweating. every. game.

This is what would make multiplayer actually playable for me, what would make it qualify for “being fun”:

  • Disable melee bleed through shields. First break their shields, then melee to finish it off. The current situation makes it far too easy to just come around a corner, fire at the enemy once and instakill them with a melee hit

  • Extend motion tracker range to AT LEAST 25m across ALL game types. The current motion tracker is useless. The short range means it will only display enemies that are probably already firing at you. Why is there even a motion tracker if the range makes it useless? 343 has expressed the consideration to increase motion tracker range in BTB only, but that would just make the game horribly inconsistent.

  • This one baffles me. How do I see whether someone on my motion tracker is above or below me? I have played both tech previews and played the beta since release, but I still have no clue how to tell. Why did Reach’s upward/downward triangles or 343’s faint/bright circles on the motion tracker ever have to be changed? This could be such an easy thing to do right, yet the current situation could not be less clear/intuitive.

  • Overhaul the HUD and look at Halo 3 for inspiration. The current HUD is cluttery and unintuitive. Why can’t I see how many grenades of which type I currently have at one quick gaze?

  • Prioritize adding a PvE game mode for those who prefer that part of Halo and make sure progression speed when playing PvE is on par with PvP multiplayer. Honestly, I’ve never liked PvP multiplayer after Reach because of 343’s desire to keep increasing the game’s pace.

  • Add yours.