Is the multiplayer in combat evolved going to be a stand-alone thing, or is it a Reach expansion, like the ODST Mythic disc was for Halo 3? Just wondering.

It uses the Reach MP you can buy the maps as stand alone DLC sometime “soon” after H:CEA releases if you wish. You can also just have H:CEA and play MP online with the 6 new/remastered maps with “Classic” gametypes. In addition H:CEA will also include 1 new FF map.

Sounds awesome, thanks for the info! Any info on if we’re getting 2 discs for CE and the multiplayer or if it’s all one disc?

All on one disk. Keep in mind that H:CEA does not include the maps released with Reach. It will only have the 6 remastered MP and 1 FF map.