Hi I am trying to play Halo Reach on my Xbox one and whenever I try to play multiplayer it says, “you are not connected to Xbox live. You must be connected to Xbox live to start a game.” However I am connected to Xbox live and whenever I try and test my connection it says that it is fine. This does not happen with any other backwards compatible Xbox games so I think it is a problem with halo reach. If it is not please tell me.

I had this problem with another game recently. I tried all sorts of things on my One to get it to work since it worked fine when I put the disc in my 360. In the end, I deleted and re-installed the game on my One and all the online stuff worked fine. Try that.

This happens to me with Halo 4 (Disk). At that point, I force close the game and open it up again, which usually fixes it for me. No idea what causes it either

There appears to be some issues with Reach at the moment including matchmaking services and the ability to pull information / stats from your profile. 343 are aware and are currently investigating. As we have multiple topics open for this I’m re-directing to a central topic that can be used to keep track of things: