Multiplayer won’t work

It won’t start games it says “continuing to search” It goes for longer than 10 minutes and I’ve restarted my x box and I’ve restarted my WiFi I don’t understand the issue warzone won’t work Slayer or any type of multiplayer won’t work

Are you using ‘Balanced’ or ‘Focused’ search?
If so, try using ‘Extended’ and see if that get’s a game in Heroic WZFF.
If it does then try the others using ‘Extended’.

Aside from making sure your sure preferences are set to Expanded, check your NAT type. Anything other than an open NAT type will hinder your ability to find matches online.

Hey all, thanks for letting us know about the issues. I’d like to collect some more information so if you can let me know the following, that’d be really helpful.

  • What region do you live in? (US, EU, Asia, etc) - What playlist are you attempting to search? - If you’re searching ranked playlists, what rank are you in that playlist? If unranked, what is your historic rank in that playlist? - What time of day are you searching? - Are you searching solo or with friends? - What is the exact message you’re getting on failure? Screenshots are helpful, feel free to grab one and link to your Xbox DVR page or upload the image to a hosting site and link it here.Thanks again!