Multiplayer Weaponry

Don’t you just hate it when guns come and go in the series? I think we all know that some of our favorite Covenant weapons will be gone by the time we start playing Halo 4. What if all previous Covenant weapons were to remain part of the multipayer? The Covenant’s weapons had some originality in them unlike the human weapons. I’d really hate to see some of the favs go away. Multiplayer isn’t canon anyways so… why not?

there might be something to do with weapon balancing that is keeping some of them out. personally i’d like to see some weapons to return (flamethrower in particular) but i’ll leave those decisions to 343i, no matter how much i question them sometimes.

one more thing: halo 4 multiplayer was supposed to be canon, being that you are a spartan IV and you are on the infinity to do things like spartan ops and train in wargames.

hoped this helped!

And the necromancers strike again!

> And the necromancers strike again!

This is Necroposting to the extreme…

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