Multiplayer toggle between Just other controller or just mouse and keyboard players not mixed

Ok this is a simple question I tried searching if someone asked already but to my understanding you can toggle just controller or just mouse and keyboard in ranked area if I read things correctly now will this be available for btb or non ranked games simply put like how halo 3 was social btb social arena etc. Or even easier how the MCC lets you pick if your against everyone on controller or keyboard and mouse for all game modes please tell me this will be available because you can clearly tell when your playing against someone on mouse and keyboard when using a controller they have quite the edge on you and I know i am not the only one concerned about this I know this is the beta but please tell me we can select/toggle this like the MCC turning MCC to just controller made a huge difference on the game play when on console and seeing as this game was a console exclusive for so many years making it so im just playing against others on console/controller is a very important thing to be able to select. Anyone’s input or a MODERATORS input would be greatly appreciated. I will note there is a lot of sour reviews for multiplayer because of this. I am hoping this will be a toggle for the release on the 8th if not it should be one of the first things added post launch. 2 other thing please make the radar bigger and btb slayer should be 150 or 200 kills for the match 12 v 12 100 is way to small. I have more to say but want answers for this.