Multiplayer Theater

Being able to have up to 4 people view films at the same time was one of the worst things that we lost to Reach, especially to the more competitive players and coaches who used old films for a whole number of reasons to improve personal and team gameplay.

Agree 1,000,000% there.

Made lots of funny clips of stuff that happen in games to watch with friends and laugh.

But this is what happens …

“Ok, its in my file share now. Just let me know when you download it, ok?”

“Which one is it again?”

rolls eyes “Its the one called…”

Quite sure all of us has gone thru this with Reach Theater :frowning:

Can’t really argue with that. I miss going over crazy games with my friends after the match. I hardly ever use theater anymore. :frowning:

Anyone know if it will be in the title update?

> Anyone know if it will be in the title update?

No changes, you will be able to use it as you do now with the new maps. Not in the H:CEA Campaign.

Yes, i am sad that i have to leave the party every single time i want to record those awesome moments with my friends or learn from past defeats.

I wonder if this could be patched up to allow more people in the theater? There is certainly nothing wrong with doing that.