Multiplayer team colors?

What do you have your multiplayer colors set as? I think it would be interesting to see what combinations people have. I have lavender for my team and pineapple for enemies because it stands out more. Fireteam color is set to one of the red ones, but I can’t remember which one.

Friends are blue, foes are yellow.

This thread has some people’s preferences in it too


Firendlies sunrise, enemies pineapple. Or the other way around. I also turn the outlines down. If a spartan doesn’t have a name over their head I know they are enemies. Objectives are static and mirror each other so that’s a good accessibility feature that comes out well when I just want the classic yellow shields.

I have it set to show opponents names - and the font size is set to large. It makes it that much easier to identify them

Enemy = Sunrise ( Yellow )
Teammates = Cerulean ( Blue )
Fire Team = Aubergine ( Purple )