Multiplayer,sync profile, much more not working

343 im tired of going home to go on my game and see eirther profile not sync, contacting to server which it does not, playing a game with no weapons other then basic load out on warzone, or the game saying we have encountered a problem receiving data then i end up losing my reqs for that match and also my boosts if i used them and im not the only one its everyone in the match i would really like for 343 to contact me about this eirther over the phone or email

I experience the same problems all of the time. Nothing resolves this issue. I will not purchase another 343 game.

I’m having a similar issue, my REQ’s, and bookmarked maps no longer show up when I try to select them, I’m stuck in a constant “retrieving data”, no war zone REQ’s in game, and whenever I get matched up everyone is the same emblem, however I can join matches without a problem