Multiplayer Suggestions

Hi Everyone,

I really hope the guys at 343 read this. I have been playing halo since halo 1 on the OG Xbox and I would say that it’s probably my favorite video game franchise of all time. That being said Halo Infinite has done such a wonderful job of creating a halo that feels so fresh and new while retaining a lot of the features that made old halos so great. The gameplay is genuinely so so much fun and I haven’t had this much fun playing halo since halo 3.

Gameplay to me is the most important aspect of any video game and like I said, 343 has nailed the gameplay of this one.

Now if you guys can just clean some things up, this is a game I can see myself playing for years. Specifically things like adding more ranked playlists just like in halo 3, such as ranked big team battle, squads, duos, swat, shotty snipers, etc. Also, I would love to see whatever the rank of each player is next to their name regardless of whether or not you are playing ranked or just social.

Next suggestion is having loads and loads of new maps come out for both ranked and social games like every week if possible. That is the one thing I personally really want to see because for every new map that comes out, the game feels brand new to me. And have some of these new maps be remastered versions of halo classics like headlong, lockout, Valhalla, etc.

Sorry for the lengthy forum, I’m just extremely passionate about Halo and I’m just so excited to be playing halo again with all my friends just like I did years ago. And again great job 343, you almost completely nailed this one.


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I believe ranks during matches in ranked would kinda suck.
I’m a long time CS player and valve has decides to only show enemy ranks after the match ended, and I can see why:

Many players base their opinion on other player’s rank, which sucks to begin with, but point being that some will just quit when they see their teammate’s ranks

Happens a lot in lower CSGO competitive matches, the match starts, someone ask for other’s ranks and if someone is a rank lower they just quit like “I’m gonna lose with this guy on my team”

I know it sucks, but I think it’s better that way, we won’t always get with a full team with our exact ranks and that would make the quitting/not doing objective problem bigger

I’d love to see more and more maps tho, but I hope they add a voting phase, because -Yoink!- I hate playing bazaar CTF every ranked I play

Yeah I get that but at the same time if I’m Onyx rank, I really wanna show that off during all my games ranked or unranked. If they make the quitting penalty pretty severe I think that’ll deter all players from quitting for whatever reason