Multiplayer sucks

343 needs to fix matchmaking right away. 2 game breaking issues with the multiplayer

  1. The weekly challenge system is so terrible, it makes me not want to play. The reason why… I cant choose what game mode I want to play to get challenges done. I am forced to play for hours just to get a game mode I can get some of a challenge done. This is absolutely stupid. going from MCC to this is mind blowing. Whoever came up with this idea needs to be fired. Might be an extreme but really come on that just dumb. It either forces people to not play, or in my case leave games right away to only to get banned…absolutely shocked at how bad of an idea this is. if your going to have a challenge system where challenges are connected to a specific game mode, then let me pick the game mode.
  2. Fix the servers, I can hardly even play the darn game to begin with.
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Anyone taking bets on how long this post takes to get locked ?

I give it 4 hours maybe 5

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While I agree with some of your points, your main header is completely false.

The multiplayer definitely does not suck, it is one of the best of the entire series, maybe even the best in terms of gameplay and action.

I agree with the weekly challenges statement you have made. They should be aligned with the game objective. This is why when I do my challenges I do them in social and not ranked. I have started leaving games which I hate doing if I am looking for a CTF and don’t get it. I really don’t like leaving the games though but I think a lot of people do it. I do believe they will be rectifying the challenges so hopefully it won’t be an issue for much longer.

Your statement about the servers being trash is odd. I have hardly experienced any issues. I have had two disconnections and one was because my Xbox froze so may not be down to Halo.


There are definitely server issues, disconnects, and latency. It’s widespread, but it doesn’t get talked about because of buzzword posts, battlepass, and customization.

The gameplay is solid. Everything else not so much.

Weekly challenges should be things that take you a week to complete, not a bunch of daily challenges you need to grind to complete some final challenge. There just isn’t a clear goal or structure to the system. Which then leads to issues with playlists etc.

The current system is trying to put a square brick down a circular hole. They should just do what Reach did. It was good enough. Or take inspiration from MCC.

All of these issues are smaller pieces of the big problem which is customization and the battlepass. People are mad about challenges because they can’t progress and they can’t unlock the gear. That’s the end goal.

My solution for customization would be to have a default MK7 armor progression system that you can complete by playing the game. That way people have an outlet, like what was done with reach. You could get rewarded based on medals, how well you play the game/how you work with your team.

Then the store could be premium armors etc. but the default gear shouldn’t be locked behind a paywall.

This solution completely omits the weekly challenges. You wouldn’t even need them tbh. It’s just there for the battlepass paywall.

I haven’t been able to get matches nearly as fast since the official release. I keep getting disconnected from the servers and matches quite out mid-load.

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I actually don’t think the gameplay is solid, it’s good for what it is, but it definitely needs work, a lot of weapons feels clunky even if you can get kills and compete with them. The server issues make it hard to find matches. I wonder what the server situation is right now, like are there not enough? Is their some optimization situation? Are we being connected to a bunch of randoms making latency super severe?

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I’m definitely having server issues. So in that way gameplay isn’t so solid. I just meant that I enjoy playing when I can actually get into a match; it’s fun for me. Some weapons need tweaking and melee is inconsistent; but I’ve only noticed that as I’ve gotten better at playing and understanding the mechanics.

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Patience is a virtue.

I just want to be able to disable cross platform, then I’d be fine with multiplayer.