Multiplayer Spec Ops Connection

I borrowed my friend’s Game Informer magazine and I’m very excited about the story. I love multiplayer but I’m the kind of guy that refuses to play the multiplayer until I’ve played through the story (Betas excluded). It sets the mood for me. I figured the multiplayer “story” wasn’t going to be anything serious. I was wrong.

In short for those not in the know, multiplayer takes place on the UNSC ship Infinity which is basicaly a large Holodeck. Sure cool but the spartans are training for away missions in Spec Ops. And Master Chief crosses paths with this ship in campaign giving it all a direct link into the story. Making it all the more awesome.

I hear the displeasure behind the more customizable loadouts in Halo 4. I share your concern. But you take your Multiplayer character into Spec Ops! The customization that notes your style will be proudly wielded in this new mode. Also, the Spec Ops missions aren’t just a random assortment of campaign ripped maps with fun objectives (like CoD Modern Warfare 2) but are new and have an unfolding story complete with animations.

I have the feeling that players will be more immersed into the story in just about anything they do on this game. And that makes Halo awesome.