Multiplayer Shouldnt Have Been Free

I personally wish 343 just charged us to purchase multiplayer id rather just pay a flat out £55 for a multiplayer game and unlock cosmetics etc through gameplay instead of all this in game purchase malarky…

its caused nothing but backlash from the fans i see why 343 have done it along with other game companies obviously instead of a one off payment for the game they are going to make more money and over a longer period of time by putting lots of cosmetic purchases in!

Games like warzone and fortnite etc makes a fortune because of this feature!

The amount of kids who constantly spend all there money on skins etc is crazy but to be honest i think its another big change 343 have made that should not have been done!

Most there mistakes throughput halo 4 and 5 and infinite have been due to 343 changing things that worked so well with bungies halo games and they have constantly recieved backlash and had to change things back to the way they were!

Unfortunately its to late now and halo infinite multiplayer will remain free to play and 343 will depend on making there profits through cosmetics but i hope they go back to a Master chief collection way of doing things in future halo games such as xp progression system earning xp down to your skills throughout online matches and a challenge system so that players can earn in game currency through gameplay to unlock new cosmetics insteads of trying to make everything in game purchase only

i for one wont spend any money on cosmetics cause i think its a waste of money paying for some lines of code but i do get why peopme are so angry and i agree its not the way halo games should be!

if you want to vent use at least some paragraphs, mate.

this wall of text is unreadable.

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Sorry man but my eyes kept losing focus while trying to read this. I think the gist of it is “343 is bad for making you pay for cosmetics”.

Can’t say I agree. I’m glad they made the mp free. More people are playing it and I was able to jump on immediately rather than having to wait till I could afford it. Plus any money I would have spent on buying the mp I was able to use on buying the campaign.

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…The net outcome is the same, you payed for a full price game except one that’s got half of the gamemodes missing & next to no free customisation options.

I honestly feel bad for people who purchased the campaign instead of getting it through gamepass. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great campaign. But if you pay full price for it the whole “free multiplayer” thing is meaningless to you.

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