Multiplayer Scenarios, Level, REQ

There are new thing in halo 5 Guardians like the REQ sistem and WARZONE, also the level sistem have changed, not so much but theres like a new sistem in arena by leveling up in a specific type of arena.

  • Scenarios: There are 3 War Zone scenarios and im so bored to play in the same three scenarios in my opinion, they waited like 2 years scenes the first anounce of Halo 5: Guardians and by the years they took on making this game they shoud have more multiplayer scenarios in War Zone or being ready to sell some DLC maps for War Zone and make it more didactic the games in arena like in Halo 4, big team slayer, not just 5 type of games in wich one you can play capture the flag by random decision.
  • The Levels: The levels in this halo have changed a lot compering them with the older Halo games in this one you cant like compere your level with other players or friends. Also the leveling in a certain type of arena game, leveling up by the actions and preformance you make in the game.
  • REQ: These is a hole new thing about Halo multiplayer, now you have a limited armory and cant make a loudout by your taste of weapons, its obligatory to start with the assault rifle and by leveling up each game of WARZONE you can deploy beter wapons and vehicles.

Whats your opinion?