Multiplayer rewards/credits for buying or completing campaign?

Does anyone know if we will get any customization for buying/ completing campaign? I think it would be cool to have unlocks tied to campaign or if they gave us some credits in multiplayer to use in the shop or buy battle passes for purchasing or even completing campaign.

I hope they give us all of Master Chief’s suit for multiplayer if they do. If you pre order at gamestop for campaign, you get the Zeta Sky colors and a special emblem.

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Oh wait I just remembered. In campaign there’s unlocks for multiplayer skins. You find them the same way as you find armor cores.

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That is correct, I was about to say that until you did.

As for other rewards, I would really like to see a new armour core, maybe a GEN3 Mk. VI core and it’ll contain some of our favourite Halo 3 armours for example. One can hope. And it’ll at least broaden the customisation options for the player.