Multiplayer Questions

There is alot of Hubba on people are thinking that blood gultch will not be in Halo CEA because Hemmorage is in reach and they are basicly the same thing. Now they are also saying that the Reach Pistol will be replaced with the Ce pistol(which would be way to overpowerd and the Dmr would meet its prdacesor). And there will be new play lists of some consisting of Halo CEA playlists and Halo reach Playlists(Even heard there might be a new FireFight Map Hope its going to be the Gravity room from Truth and Reconciliation). So if you guys could answer these questions I would really apreciate it. It would clear up so Confusion for me and other People.

Blood Gulch will not be in H:CEA, as far as the pistol goes it may or may not be changed but even if it is changed it will only be for certain “Classic” playlists.

It is pretty much all speculation at this point. 343 has said they are going to be increasing the number of options available to us, which is a vague comment so we’ll just have to wait for more information on the matter.