Multiplayer Problem

Hello all , I am having a Multiplayer connection issue as when I try to connect I get stuck at “connecting to multiplayer lobby” and after a while I get a “Can’t connect to halo 5 servers. Please try again” error . Same problem even on customizing my profile,it just couldn’t connect me. But after like 5-10 mins in the lobby without doing anything,it just works. Only the customizing profile though,not the multiplayer. I saw couple other posts having similar issues but last post was 7-8 hours ago so I presume problem’s solved. But I keep having It. Tried hard resetting the Xbox,the router and stuff to no avail.

Never mind ,seems to have fixed itself after another 40 mins of hard resetting the Xbox and the router. Probably a problem on 343’s side though I guess. a lil ess than 2 hours of frustration is acceptable by me,as long as it’s not repeated today or something