Multiplayer, Playlists, Gametypes, Settings and credits/medals

Despite many people asking for changes to Reach, RHR to be removed, bleedthrough fiasco, Bloom removed, 85%, full, sword block, armour lock. Nothing has made the game any better IMO.
There’s too many playlists, with too many different setting to get a real good feel for the game. I understand people wanna play different things but 2 types of slayer, Arena, a sniper varient, SWAT… Cant they all just be in 1 playlist, with set settings? With the option to pick between a max total of 6 games surely that would work?
I think there should be 1 slayer playlist in a social setting 5v5, then a 4v4 ranked playlist.
For objective the same should apply.
Then other social playlists could be Multi team (with teams of 2, not 3), BTB, living dead, Rumble pit.
For other ranked playlists, FFA, MLG, 2v2, and if you really wanted to separate the slayers have ranked snipers and SWAT.
So the playlists would look like this;
Social: 5v5 Slayer (with all slayer variants), 5v5 Objective, BTB, MultiTeam (teams of 2), RumblePit, LivingDead.
Ranked: 4v4 Slayer, 4v4 Objective, 2v2, FFA, MLG. And if you really want to, Snipers, SWAT
Community: Action Sack, Griffball
Firefight: And its Variants.

The setting should be NoBloom in all playlists, no bleedthrough, only sprint, evade and jet pack armour abilities. Starting weapons, BR and Assault Rifle.

Headhunter and Stockpile i think were good additions. Juggernaut in Reach needed work, Halo3’s worked better. Oddball needs changing too, the skull rolls far too much. Old favourites like CTF, KotH, Assault and Slayer will be there of course, as will Infection.

Now on to Maps.
Have old favourites from other Halo’s, The Pit, Warlock, Midship. But add new ones, that work well in competitive play. 2 base, like Sanctuary, offset like Guardian and Lockout. bigger maps like Valhalla and Last Resort would be good too.

Medals and Credits.
In Reach we saw a whole new batch of medals, some that i think were ridiculous (i’m looking at you 1st Strike, Reload This), others were a good addition (Assist, Sticky Spree, Revenge, Avenger). The assist medal needs tweaking, 2 shots on a person and they are killed by a teammate should give u the medal. Not 3 or 4.
Credits need to be given for objective too, in too many games people have camped and not gone for objective because ‘you don’t get credits for it’.

So these are my thoughts on changes for Halo 4 Multi player.