Multiplayer or "How Microtransactions ruined Halo"

Good Evening all,

I must say I am loving Halo 5. Everything feels perfect in regards to multiplayer. I honestly do not care about the campaign to me Halo’s story ended at Halo 3. I never beat 4 and I doubt I will beat this. So I won’t bash the story since I have nothing to go off. I will say from what I have seen. The cut scenes look amazing.

However I want to move onto the most important aspect of any Halo title.The multiplayer component.

343 you have hit the gameplay out of the park. It is perfect. I don’t care what the people say the AR / Pistol is awesome. I love Slayer, it feels balanced, fun and there is a strategy element you do not find in other shooters that are more twitched based like COD or the battlefield series. Honestly this game takes coordination and skill. I also like the ranking system I feel once the population stabilizes it will give a accurate representation of skill.

However ever since the announcement. I have drooled over warzones. I have played 20 matches so far and already I am noticing a problem. It is the micro transactions. I have no problem with paying for the warzone packs. I did purchase the warzone bundle but seeing you can purchase the gold silver and bronze packs left a bad taste in my mouth. The difference is the warzone pack is a one time purchase and a gradual increase in content over 14 weeks. Its a bonus like a season pass so to speak. But being able to shell out $20 dollars and have a bunch of weapons for warzone using gold and silver packs feels like they added a pay wall inadvertently.

Beginning of the night on release I got in I played it was hectic hellish fun. I usually get frustrated when I am “Outgunned” in other shooters like COD or BF4 where people with a level advantage have a clear advantage. To me Halo was never like this and it never will be, or at least I thought.

I just finished a match of warzone where I felt useless and unable to compete. We won, I am not being salty but looking at my score and seeing how I was unable to contribute in a meaningful way while still getting a decent amount of kills really left a bad taste in my mouth. The match was on Apex and we captured all the bases. this led to the core being vulnerable and thats when the paywall hit us. We out classed them where ever however they kept getting boss kills, because they had vehicles. Lots of vehicles. Had we not gotten the core they would have won based on this fact alone it seemed like no one on my team had an answer for the tanks other then grenade and die grenade and die.

Considering the game has a counter to everything I looked for a weapon that does good damage to vehicles. What did I have in the numerous req packs I have earned? No rockets, No fuel rod, No spartan laser, nothing here I am late in a game and I got a battlerifle and a smg and only 2 grenades a life ( where are the grenades I have no plasma or splinter grenades are they in the REQ menu? What about frag grenades?) I mean if the needler was useful in a anti-vehicle capacity I am set I have 56 needler cards ( which I sell for packs to get something useful) and numerous mongooses which are great for running from the tank.

I also tried the assault playlist and to be honest… its bad. Like really bad. Honestly I think the attacking team should start with already spawned vehicles and a few power weapons to go against the defenders and then requisition more as the game goes on. I mean who invades in any military situation without some form of supportive firepower against a enemy that is setup to be defensively superior.

What I am saying is I want to be able to play Halo with warthogs, bases, flag captures andbase captures, without having to requisition anything, kinda like big team battle back in the day. It would be awesome everyone starts with a AR / Pistol, designated power weapons in certain sections of the map and each team has a few vehicles that spawn. As much as I like the balance of 4 on 4 and focus on esports. I just want to blow crap up. I want to see banshees get taken out of the sky miraculous flag captures warthogs tearing it up. I really could care less what my rank or skill is. I just want to sit down after a day at the office and not have to worry that I won’t be able to compete since I have a lack of REQ cards.