multiplayer or campaign first?

Are you going to hop right in and play the multiplay or are you going to play the campaign first? or maybe a mix of the two? for 3 and reach i beat the campaign on legendary before i played any of the play lists, drove a few people i normally play with crazy but i think im going to stick to it this time also.

I’m going to play campaign first because:

  1. It will be extremely awesome


  1. It will give me a good feeling for the game before I get into multiplayer

It’s a win-win!

Campaign its the main reason I am buying Halo 4 multiplier is a huge plus though.

Campaign on legendary then multiplayer.

Multiplayer 1st, always.

Yeah, I’ll likely dive into the campaign before anything else. Like AegisVertigo257 said, it will give me a good feel of the game before I do anything else.

> Campaign on legendary then multiplayer.

Same as.

For every Halo game I have followed this formula: Campaign on Heroic for the first few levels, then explore the multi-player. Then finish up the campaign then more multi-player. Then campaign on legendary. I CAN’T WAIT.

> > Campaign on legendary then multiplayer.
> Same as.

good to know im not the only person who does this.

Epic Campaign First
Or you’ll might get some spoilers :stuck_out_tongue:

As stated in the other thousand threads asking this, CAMPAIGN.

Legendary Campaign with friends, multiplayer is not the reason I am dieing from the wait its the epic that is campaign :smiley:

Campaign on Normal, as usual.

Considering I’ve got six of my good friends (with whom I’ve been friends with since Halo: CE) and we all are going to be trying to beat campaign solo on Legendary as our first playthrough… guess I’m set on campaign then multiplayer.

Campaign for a few levels then switch to multiplayer for a while then play through rest of campaign.

Campaign co-op with my Bro and friends then multiplayer,Halo 4 FTW!!!

I always start with campaign. I might not play it the whole way through before trying multiplayer for a little while but I always start a game with the story.

> Campaign its the main reason I am buying Halo 4 multiplier is a huge plus though.

I honestly have to play the campaign first. I’m an achievement *!$^@ and campaign is where most of the achievements are. It shouldnt take me long to get it though so after i get all of the achievements I’ll make another runthrough of the campaign to get a better sense of the story, then induldge myself in badass halo multiplayer!!!

Campaign is the most important part of the game for me.

So that’s where I’ll start.