Multiplayer options are lacking severly

The fact we only have “social” arena, and ranked arena, and big team battle is a joke.

Now I have all sorts of things I could say about 343i and what they have done to the halo world. But, only having three playlists on launch is such a mistake it baffles me. Makes me wonder if anyone working there ever even played previous titles.

Playlists that are needing added: Team Slayer (DUH), Doubles (ranked or unranked doesnt matter), Team Snipers, SWAT (as much of scrub gametype that it is), Free for All (DUH AGAIN), Action Sack, Griffball (as bad as it is), And multi-team is dearly missed from h3 and reach.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You guys gave us the game early and called it a beta, and decided that you werent going to release the full game and give us more of the beta? This is supposed to be a AAA title? What a joke. You nailed some great gameplay and forgot everything else about halo lol.


The fact that we can’t play Slayer is absolutely blowing my mind, it’s not even a Halo game right now, it’s an Arcade Arena Shooter with Master Chief slapped on it.

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