Multiplayer Not Available

Good morning all,

When I launch Halo on my Series X I’m finding I have to regularly quit the application and start it again for multiplayer to be available.

Is anyone else having this issue? Many thanks in advance.

Yes the Quick Resume feature that is in there, doesn’t work to well it seems. So when starting your X if you didn’t close the game out before turning it off, it’ll do this. Will have to wait for a future update to fix it. Not a huge issue IMO.

Many thanks for your reply, it is much appreciated. That makes sense, is it possible to disable quick resume? I had a look but couldn’t find anything.

Have a great Christmas and thanks again.

Unfortunately no there is no way. You have a great Christmas as well!

I am sure updates will come for it, its a feature that is showcased for games and the X, so they’d want it to run properly.

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