Multiplayer needs to be available for PS5

The a hardcore Xbox fan boy in me when I 12 wouldn’t believe I would be saying this.

Once forge is added, and the game has more features added, in my opinion I think for its best for Halo to finally on load PS5 players. The games population is dwindling, it’s going to be very hard to get back to those numbers we saw on launch. PC gamers have so many more games to choose from these days compared to console gamers.

I think this would really help with Halo’s popularity and future. I thought about this as Microsoft has just acquired Activision and has said it will keep COD on PlayStation and they claim to value their relationship with Sony.



MS just got some of the biggest titles out there, there’s no way they’re giving Sony access to their games.
Welcome to the big game console wars

Why would it ever go to PS? It’s first and foremost an Xbox game, and we don’t know the player count besides Steam, which will be in the minority anyway. I don’t like exclusive when the company doesn’t own the Devs like the new KOTOR remake, but 343 is a Microsoft company and always has been. I’m 50/50 on whether the next CoD will be on PS, I bet they just meant current CoD and warzone won’t leave PS.


I think all Nintendo, PlayStation, NINTENDO, console/PC exclusives need to go. Gaming should evolve beyond having to constantly worry about which exclusives are where and the general console wars…

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When you can’t matchmake into a game that’s when you can worry about dwindling players. Before then I think you’re overreacting.

I don’t think there would be any harm (aside from using resources that might be better used elsewhere) in porting the F2P multiplayer to PS. In terms of campaign I think it should stay an Xbox exclusive, at least on console.

multiplayer most not go to the playstation.

since if its now only with the multiplayer how long before there going to ask that there wane see the full halo serie’s also on the playstation.

let it stay exclusive like its now.

MS is 100% ok with their games being available on PS5… The reality though is that it would only hurt Sony to do so.

It has been speculated that the main push behind aquiring Activision/Bethesda was to entice (its more exploit or bully but you get the idea) Sony to make Gamepass available on their platform, as in the future it is difficult to imagine Sony making anywhere close to the same amount of profits as their best selling games are going to be exclusive on PC/Xbox.

This could happen years from now is really what I’m getting at, but definitely not anytime soon.

I have been saying this for years. Keep campaign as Xbox exclusive but let PS players join in on the multiplayer. Switch too if the console can handle it. Halo is no longer an Xbox exclusive with PC access.

More players is always a good thing.

Also means I could play Halo on my living room TV without moving my Xbox from my desk ha :wink:


The lack of shooters on their platform (perhaps not now, but in the future) is going to be extremely potent and obvious.

They are going to have to do something, although they could come out with an amazing shooter themselves the reality is that they have never really done that to my knowledge so I believe they’ll end up agreeing to a deal to get Gamepass onto the PS store eventually… When? It could be years away for all anyone knows. Halo would end up on there as well by extension.

Even if it were the case. There would probably never be crossplay, so you’d basically be playing just other PS users. PlayStation has a very strong stance on crossplay and not wanting to expose its playerbase with those outside of its scope of control.

is it not that there see that the crossplay system is more worse since the reputation it has when it come’s to the cheater/hacker problems you get with crossplay.
that playstation see more its worse to have it if the risk’s are to high and the price you going to pay big is.

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Halo should not be on PS. Are you crazy??? …Why we’re at it why don’t we give them Froza, Gears, And all the other franchises that Microsoft is just acquired in the last while. His PlayStation going to give Xbox all their exclusive games now as well? Is Nintendo going to give Mario in Zelda to Xbox as well?


I’m sorry but this is a ridiculous idea. You want there to be multiple big companies that push each other to make better products and that includes hardware!

Also, Microsoft said that existing… Keyword there, current call of duty games would still be available on PlayStation. They never said future ones would be. These statements from CEOs are carefully worded and crafted don’t kid yourself. It makes 0 cents for a company to spend tens of billions of dollars to acquire rights to popular franchises and then let your competition still have them all in the future.

Yeah nah… … … … … … . …

I’d LITERALLY kill enemy Spartans if they’d bring Halo multiplayer to Switch.

Only if they port the Demon Souls Remake to Xbox.

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This is a mind numbingly stupid post if it’s not a troll.

NEVER!!! Never, Never, Never. Ever.

I don’t have a problem with it, but this is a bit like asking for the next season of The Mandalorian to release on Netflix in addition to Disney+

You can say that all you want, but I don’t think sonny’s any more willing to let Xbox have all there exclusives than Nintendo is to put Zelda on the PC. First and foremost, gaming is a business, and to be perfectly blunt your idea is severely lacking in business sense.