Multiplayer matches end game report consistently overheats my particular Xbox

Immediately after a match of Halo Infinite multiplayer concludes on My 2013 model Xbox One in particular, the console will shut down consistently without fail right before the end game report is supposed to display, immediately after the outro cut-scene showing the winning team. I’ve done my part to keep it clean by blasting every orifice of the consoles ventilation system and the consoles power supply brick with an air compressor to no avail. Thanks again for making a wonderful game, I wish I could play it without tripping overheat protection(OTP). Your move 343i.

You’re playing a 2021 game on a 2013 console
You don’t have to upgrade compelelt to a SXS but an xbox one x would even be 10x better than the OG xbox one…

This isn’t a 343i thing…this is a yo’ console is old thing

Well thats a 9 year old xbox my guy. Gonna be honest but what did you expect? You probably just pushed the thing to its limit.

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I am treating the console with care, doing everything in my power to maintain it. This is an issue experience in Halo Infinite, which is developed for Xbox ones and newer.

Could be the game running at an uncapped framerate for that part. This would make the console try it’s absolute hardest during that time. I run into this issue for some PC games. I’m not a fan of a loading screen running at 1,000+ FPS. Consoles are basically just PCs running a very specific set of hardware and software. It’s possible that there’s a part that’s failing. Taking a wild guess, it could be a heat issue or a power draw issue.

I recommend sending in a support ticket. It will put your issue on their radar. 343i may be slow to respond but will eventually.
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