Multiplayer Maps

With bungie getting ready to hand over control of reach to 343 I thought I would post on an idea I’ve had.

Does anybody else think that some of the Firefight maps would make some fantstic Multiplayer playing areas. Overlook, Beachhead, Waterfront, Unearthed and Glacier for example would be great for flag, 1 flag or multiflag, Assault, slayer and territories and they are such good spaces to play in.

We all know that the map selection in reach was pitiful compared to other halo games, and with bungie seeming to go with community submissions now instread of DLC (I understand that all future DLC will be the domain of 343, if any more maps are to come) using maps that are already in the game would be a great idea, and increase the map selection for all users who own reach and play multiplayer without the need to own DLC and fragment the community even more.

Please let me know your thought on this it would be nice to have some feed back from people who love reach.

As beautiful as those maps are, there is unfortunately no way to make them usable in Matchmaking or Customs.

These maps were built specifically for Firefight. Normally, a Multiplayer map file contains the models and data for EVERYTHING in the map - including things such as the flags for CTF or the Warthog model.

The firefight maps do not contain these things - you couldn’t play CTF because there aren’t any flag models in those files!

Turning firefight maps into multiplayer maps would require rebuilding them from the ground up. They might be able to reuse the art assets and maybe some of the geometry, but it would require a ton of work and a 6 gigabyte Title Update.

I like those maps too, but I’d rather the developers spend their time working on maps that were intended for Multiplayer from day one.