Multiplayer Maps Idea

Since its been stated that 343 is using previous halo tech to make halo 4, I think 343 would get a lot of praise if while they’re designing the code, they make it possible to port maps from any available 360 maps. (H3,ODST, & Reach)Or just from whatever game would work easist. Or make the maps portable to a system where they can just directly layer over them for the new game, kind of like how they’re doing the CEA campaign.

It’d be a really awesome feature unique to Halo, it seems like a lot of maps, and it is, but you’d really get a lot of different gameplay from that kind of step. They could create new playspaces as always but port other maps, even if they were just reach maps. Especially the new CEA ones. Classic or Anniversary Gametypes would be a cool to have in every Halo game. Also, you’d get all the major Forge spaces thus far, incl. Forge World, Sandbox, and Foundry.

I’m sure theyre are other reasons that are good and bad, but discuss what you guys think about this thought.