Multiplayer Map Rendering Fail

Just making a quick thread to report on something I have noticed on multiplayer maps.

On all maps when coming around corners and there is a long corridor or you are looking over a long distance, the maps flicker like they are built in forge.

For example. On adrift when walking from an outside area to inside and looking through to the other base, the map flickers and quickly tries to cover up black spots or un-rendered areas by quickly spawning the correct texture.

This is to me is quiet off putting and honestly is annoying. I understand why it would happen in forge, but in actually built maps?

Now I have installed the game and have a brand new slim. Has anybody else noticed the flickering and having to load textures really quickly in front of you on multilayer maps?

Anyways I’m just posting this to see if it is maybe an issue with my hardware or the game it self and another of 343’s new inclusions?