Multiplayer map pack problem

So yeah, I recently purchased the Multiplayer Map Pack disc of Halo 2 and saved/installed all 9 maps onto the hard drive of my Xbox 360 slim. But when I put in my Halo 2 game disc, none of the maps that I’ve installed show up. Is there ANYTHING I can do about this?


Play it on the original Xbox. Don’t know if there’s a fix to the 360. Don’t krhonk that pack is compatible on the 360 either…

The Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack disk is completely compatible with the Xbox 360. I’ve installed it on several of them and it works flawlessly. There is most likely a corrupted file. Simply delete all of the map packs and the update and re-install everything. It could take a couple of tries but should work.

Just get H2V. If you can run it, it has all those maps (Except Tombstone and Desolation) and 2 extras.