Multiplayer Map Generating: The Solution

WARNING: Wall of text ahead!
(For TL;DR, look in the third post)

After months of making threads of map creators, and reading comments and suggestions, i’ve come up with a way for map creating to be huge [I hope I have enough characters to write all this :)]. 2 map creators. I know what your thinking. “What the heck!? 2? id be suprised if it could handle 1!”. The purpose of this is the possibilities. I’ll start by talking about the 1st one.

Advanced Forge
First you choose to start a new map, or go over a premade one. If you start a new one, you can choose from 3 base maps: Outside, Inside, Outer Space. Each is empty. You can adjust length and width of your map from there. And you can color the wall and floor, if you want.

When you press X to open your objects list, you get 6 options:

Object Placement
Time of Day

Each one will have its own dynamic options.

Have any of you people on this forum ever played Tony Hawk’s Underground 2? It featured a skate park map generator that let you put down trees, water, bushes, sand, dirt, acid, lava, buildings, houses, and even street pieces. Now not that I know much, but I think that game’s map maker is kinda amateur-ish compared to what the 360 could probably do. What I think needs to happen is (do you remember THUG 2’s object list?) Halo Reaches object list needs to have a thumbnail image of the item your about to spawn before you spawn it.

Next, you need more items. Im talkin lights, buildings, elevators, security cameras, energy bridges, barriers, sandbags, openable doors, street peices, dead bodies. It needs to have every item from every map available on all maps. There would be premade buildings and houses that you could delete windows , doors, whole sides of the buildings, cut holes in the walls, ect. If you want, you can modify it, and make it bigger by addind walls or building sides… Now inside, it would be completely vaccant, like a big box. You put everything inside. Elevators, stairs, rooms, whatever you want And you can edit color and shave off peices of objects. Make orange windows, black walls, ect. There would be a tool for merging objects into each other. There would also be a forge glue tool, so you can stick objects to eachother. A snap tool so you can freeze objects into the air. An undo tool incase of mistake. A delete tool so with the push of a button, you can delete every weapon, or vehicle, or the whole map, ect. Even a coloring tool so you can color objects. You would also be able to shrink & enlarge certain items. You can cut holes in walls to make better scenery.

The funnest part is that you can fuse and color weapons too. Like fuse 2 E.Swords and color it red to make it look intimidating.

Now here is where terrain comes in. Have you seen or played Far Cry 2’s map editor? It let you put a circle over an area, hold the trigger, and dirt and sand would rise, or drop. Reach needs to do that with sand, dirt, grass, and snow. Put grass on dirt if you want. And there should also be a way to do this with flood terrain. The same applys with adding interactive terrain like water, lava, ice, acid, ect but you get a seperate window for that. And like in FC2, you can erode, and texturize terrain, but with this, you can color it too.

Weather is simple. You get 7 options (maybe more):
Ash Rain (for burning effects)

Enable the ones you want, and you get a bar for each of them:


Something like that so you can control the power of it. Make a light snow, or a dangerous blizzard.

Time of day is also simple. You get the same kind of bar as the one above, but with a color selector, so you can choose the color of your sky. The other option is to choose how high the sun is, or moon is.

Texturizer is pretty much self-explanitory. You get a dynamic list of textures you can use to texturize each object. Everything from Mombossa Streets textures, to Sandbox textures. This is what pretty much will set the mood to each map.

And last but not least, there is Text. The easiest of the features. You get multiple fonts and colors. You get interactive fonts that will look like bullet holes, or blood, ect.

The best part is that it would still be Forge, so you can add stuff to premade maps. Imagine Headlong at night with fog…

That is the main concept of the Advanced Forge. Next concept.

Map Generator

It would be on your PC. For more memory, and better map making. When you finish making it, you upload it to your Xbox 360.

It’s almost a clone of Halo 2 vista’s. It would include a time of day changer, and you would be able to add weater effects, like lightning, snow, rain, fog, ect. Also there would be a sky colorer, so if you wanted a green sky, you could get one! You would be able to have a bar to these effects, so you could edit how hard it is (Blizard, Sandstrom, Fog amount). You could add water, snow, sand, grass, dirt, ect, and how light or dark each one is. Basically, everything I posted above.

Note that when your done making your map, you can still forge on it to place objects.

You start off in black canvas, and go from there. Like most map makers.

Im kinda undecided on this, but maybe you could place bots. All they do is stand still and breath. This would be for scernery. You could have up to 50 clones on a map at a time?

There would also be a 3D Model Generator. Making bases would be cool. You choose textures, colors, ect. Just like Halo 2 vista’s map maker.

The biggest you could make maps be is about 5x the size of Forge World. That depends on your computer’s and Xbox’s memory. It might only let you make it the size of sandtrap if your memory device is getting full.

When your finished, you take a screenshot of your map for the thumbnail image.

This way people wouldn’t have to keep modding maps, and getting banned from XBL. They could make whatever their hearts desire (someone could still look over it to make sure they’re appropriate).

This is a beginning of a new trilogy. They should kick it off with a bang, so they should make it so we could still have new maps, years after they’ve stopped makeing them. Thoughts?

Throw in as many suggestions as you can. H4 is in development as we speak!

Post your map idea fantasys for this editor…

Map Ideas:
Posted by: oR3VOLV3Ro
You know in Sandtrap the giant ship in the sky. Well i think we should be able to make one.

1st thing:
Pre-Made ship or start over.
Pre-made ship is a selection of ships that are already made but empty inside. You can place stuff inside the ship but the walls and windows are already made. And it’s drivable.
Now Start from scratch would be:
Make walls
Everything. Now i dont think they should be drivable too, make your own ship and drive it. They would be so cool for infection. Instead of just a pre-made ship just like orbital. You can make your own ship.

You can customize like length, width, and height. Also how many windows, rooms, engines etc.

It would be so useful in machinimas and it would be EPIC APPLE SAUCE!!!

Roman Collesium

Mirror’s Edge

Urban Warfare

Earth City


Basically, it’s 2 map creators. It would come on a second disc. It’s pretty much Far Cry 2’s map editor, for the Xbox itself.

The second one would be an all-out PC map creator like Halo Custom Edition or H2 Vista.


What your saying seems too complicated. It needs to be friendly to everyone and cannot be this complex.

> What your saying seems too complicated. It needs to be friendly to everyone and cannot be this complex.


Forge’s only advantage is that it is so easy to use. Know how to design good maps? Great, that’s all you need! No technical know-how required.

Adding all of these features to Forge would turn it into a dull clone of other mod-friendly games’ editors – while sacrificing usability. It’s not worth it.

> --------
> Basically, it’s 2 map creators. It would come on a second disc. It’s pretty much Far Cry 2’s map editor, for the Xbox itself.
> The second one would be an all-out PC map creator like Halo Custom Edition or H2 Vista.
> Thoughts?

-Yoink- lag… JPelo’s post, but not the one I’m quoting now, was the only visible reply when I posted.

I can see two editors working, but there is no way in hell we’d ever get something on par with HCE/H2V. It would be insanely difficult to make usable, insanely difficult to manage, and insanely difficult to moderate.

Especially to moderate.

Even so, it would be nice to have some dynamism in an alternate editor, i.e. terrain editing. (FC2’s interface was clumsy, but it was clumsy because everything was in the same editor. An entirely separate editor solely devoted to terrain could be user-friendly.)