Multiplayer Lobby Setup

Why is it that when I am waiting for the game to start I can’t look at any teammate, or enemy profiles. I can’t get a name, a rank, what their armor looks like, nothing… Just a little box with their emblem in it… This is seriously a key part of all games. what is even the point in having a rank or armor or stances if no-one can see it… This is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen in my life and 343 better find a way to fix this. But I’m not done, that was before the game, but after the game I can’t look at any of the nice shiny metals I worked so hard to earn. Like wth even is this… Oh and half the time while customizing my spartan he doesn’t even load up and I’m looking at nothing… They had like 3 years and this game is so unpolished. smh smh