Multiplayer lag

As the title states, is anyone else having problems when it comes to lagging. There would be times where I’d be rubber banding and getting killed while I’m behind cover. Anyone else having to deal with this let me know :slight_smile:


I had one or two smooth-ish games with minor jumps, but 70% of my games have involved colossal lag spikes and rubber banding, even when doing Solo Custom games to explore the maps themselves.

I’m running on an XB:SX and based in the UK, so I’m not sure if it’s an NA Server only problem for the Beta. But it definitely is making playing MP a chore and unfun, especially in BTB as I cannot hit or hurt enemy players or even pick up objectives cleanly.

I occasionally get shot and killed ‘around a corner’ yes. It’s rather frustrating when it does happen and leaves me saying out loud something like “how?” or" I was behind the corner though". :slightly_smiling_face:

Turn your ping counter on I’m in Australia and constantly get dumped in 200+ ping servers. Will explain all the deaths behind walls cover. They need region lock in asap

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Ce n’est pas forcément un bug mais j’aimerais avoir l’option “temps minimum pour changer d’arme” car je change d’arme avec la molette et je tourne trop la molette en jouant du coup l’arme ne change pas. cette option est dans CALL OF DUTY WARZONE et c’est très pratique. A part ça rien à signaler mais c’est un peu compliqué de jouer avec cet inconvénient.