Multiplayer issues

Basically the multiplayer for me is broken,
It takes at least 10 mins to find a game when I can but the norm is no games found and I end up playing something else.
Having to search again for a game after eventually finding a game is strange why couldnt we just stay in the same lobby its seems silly to be able to find a game with decent players to then be taken out after the game to find another one that normally doesnt happen.
Over the last week ive hardly found one game its so dissapointing the MCC has now gone to the bottom of my list of a game to play this should have been a flagship multiplayer game but at the moment its a mess which is a real shame.
Halo on the 360 was so much better what went wrong?

same here disgusting wait till controls turns off had it for one week and same no games found what the >>>> cod aw never had any probs like this. thought i try a new game out this happens turns u off all togethter playing it . any help ??i cant seem to find any

yeah, whats the deal? I havent had the nerve to search for a game for half an hour but I’ll try soon. Cant connect with my party either, it cant be cause I live in germany can it?