Multiplayer Issues

First, please excuse my username I thought it was dool when I was 12. Anyways, I have been loving this game so far. However; I have been having major multiplayer issues. This is only with this game,mit isnt my internet or xbox live. I keep losing connection to the Halo 5 servers. It even banned me from trying to play for 10 minutes. Anyone else with this issue? Anything that will help?

I have experienced the “lost connection” only a few times but never consistently. Maybe twice out of 200 games.
I’m guessing Halo thinks your just quitting matches so it bans you after a few lost connections.
This happens all the time?

Forward your ports on router, set xbox to energy saver, shut down and restart xbox = no problems. It is on your side. Create a Port Forward for Halo 5: Guardians in your Router As a side bonus, with open ports you will find it much easier to out gun your opponents.