Multiplayer issues (desync/cheating/Guardians) Console vs PC players - video link

You don’t get melee lunge with controller on PC either. It’s due to no red reticle.

This is coming with the PC update.

I also don’t play Apex. :laughing:

Halo has been my fps of choice for a couple of years.

First I would like to say thank you for watching all the videos and taking the time to comment constructively. This is appreciated. Hat off to you.

This is new to me. I had no idea. I’ve been playing HALO since 2001 and I have always assumed when you’re behind someone, you’re “safe” and a melee would result in an assassination kill. This would have been nice information if they shared it on the e-mail updates. The “missed” melees are due to over guessing his movements as our team could not touch him in a proper manner.

Thanks. Answers a lot.

Agreed. It requires incredible talent to fail that bad :slight_smile:


I purposefully avoided giving any further information on opponents as a privacy/safety concern. With some sleuthing I believe it’s possible to get quite a bit information but I do not think that is something the community should do. I get your point though, and let’s lay the fault on me for not being thorough. The teleportation effect occurred during CQB events for myself and a party member. He stays away from melee battles but that is the only way I can hold my own in HALO so it was very infuriating. I’m far from a media editing savant and in hindsight should have recorded all these videos using playback rather than just the default xbox save clip. Again my fault and very valid point on wanting to see more clips from the match.

Changed my mind. I agree with your assessment.

The ping feature did not work for the first few months after release and only works intermittently now. I do not mess with this setting. Sometimes its on and sometimes it stays off. I should record a video that shows ping at 0 during gameplay. I have voiced issues about this problem months ago but I couldn’t get a fix for it so it is what it is IMO. But again your point is noteworthy and from a 3rd party perspective makes a lot of sense as a concern. The other player in the video always has issues with CQB in Infinite and just avoids it now altogether. He is on a Series S so I suspect that is the issue. He also has been playing HALO since 2001.


This video is one of two videos that pushed me on the path of hackers in the game. IMO the skewer is a risky weapon against (some) PC players.

Before Infinite, I would 100% agree with this statement. But after being killed by the hammer from different floors and far away - I thought it does a lot more damage than in previous games which is why I shared the video. Agreed on the clash but I was almost completed with the swing before he landed - maybe that doesn’t matter.

I do not believe this is a fair assessment, but from this clip alone I see get your statement. It was not possible to attack him the normal manner so I had to guess ahead to hit him. In the clip you see the backsmack did not work the way it should. This is the same issue I was having trying to melee in the normal method (red reticule). Melees (IMO) work to different degrees of damage so dissecting them is for pros. But the backsmack not working is the reason the video was chosen as it shows a clear issue that is “weird” and begs some discussion (well I would like to understand what I could do better in that event).

Yup first rocket did some damage and the second was purposefully fired away from him (and me) to avoid a suicide. The issue is in other instances the rocket at that distance would kill an opponent. But from your previous comment, rocket damage was an issue. And I’m a damn legend against bots. :stuck_out_tongue:

The hammer in this game does damage through floors, wall, and in midair. In other videos opponents do this.

On my screen he moved from the right to the left without being in the middle. I damaged him from the hammer hit as he passed through the middle. This is where another angle would have been helpful to show he wasn’t jumping high above and then landing. Also notice he kills my teammate by swinging the hammer against air and being high above behind the doorway. This is not a normal hammer strike by me as “normal” didn’t work against this opponent. I was defaulting to just using the motion tracker and guessing when to strike. I do not believe the teammate had any damage before the air hammer strike. But as you said before the hammer is inconsistent and that is good enough for me.

Hammer hit the ground before he struck (audio also coincides with this). I was only damaged after the hammer was on the recoil. I believe that strike should have killed them if not damaged them slightly. He had full health after I died.


That hammer strike was direct on. Right in front of the opponent in the air should have killed him. The sword guy was good enough to use a BR but couldn’t connect with a sword at near point blank twice while standing behind the enemy that was teabagging? Just a little odd perhaps? The hydra missed - I believe it was locked on and should connect at least once at that close of a distance but probably red reticules don’t mean much. I’ll concede this point but either our team was just so overmatched by this guy or maybe something was up that we couldn’t do minimal damage to him let alone get a kill.

This is a common issue. Going back to the previous video, this is why you have to fire rockets behind people.

Thank you

Ah. Makes sense.

I’m hoping its desync because its too common. Again though, this only happens with PC players so that’s why I believe its cheating.

Fair enough. I just didn’t see a skewer in my body so with the two hammer strikes and missing skewer, it was — weird.

At first I was like how the f did he not die and then when it did happen, it was like HALO 1 with being killed by the Guardians and his body just disappearing like that.

Yup. I want to say desync, lag, or something else but it only happens with PC players (for me) so I just don’t know.

So this is a case of desync? That makes me feel better rather than it being a mod.

The first swing missed and did zero damage (probably the slide) - no qualms here. The next swing though, how did he move behind and to the left like that? I was right on his back left shoulder. From your previous statement I will assume that its the game mechanics of being close quarters. Previous games if you’re behind somebody and against them, they can’t just move through you like that. I saw it as he’s stuck in front of me and survived a point blank hammer, but magically moved behind me as I was swinging.

This is a case of hammer inconsistency (as you mentioned before). He hammered the air and the concussion killed all of us.

The hammer strike was in the air above opponent just like in the previous video (tables reversed). At least it did some damage but why not a kill as in the previous clip? Then he fires a rocket while being damaged at near point blank - survives. The rocket at that range on full health should be a suicide let alone being damaged and surviving.

First two were normal mechanics. Even the second opponent was a bit far from the normal damage radius of the hammer. The last encounter - the cindershot kills in two shots - shots 2,3,4 end right on the opponent. Shots 1 and 5 were enough to damage. So shots 2-4 should have killed him, shots 1 and 5 should have done damage along with 2-4 to give a kill alone. Shot 6 was useless. The hammer hitting the ground before he landed is intentional as minimal damage should be needed to finish the kill at this point. It was not an optimal hammer strike by intention.

These are PC players according to their profiles. Either you can believe that or you can look it up yourself. It’s not rocket science.


I missed that he used a repulsor. Hmm. Thanks.

If this is permanent, I’m done with HALO. It’s absurd.

The opponent has to be behind you for this to happen. On video and radar he is in front on the right and then left. The video might not do justice but the radar shows he never makes it behind. Also he never has time to strafe, rotate 180 for the backsmack, and then rotate back 180 in the kill screen.

So this is where I am thoroughly confused on how the hammer works. In few clips previously I try the same method from a shorter distance and it does not work. While you have said its because I do not understand the game, they are attempts in game to try something to get these opponents exhibiting odd behaviour. Clips picked are not from normal games. They are highlights and reactions to weird stuff. The downside is (error on my part) is that they look goofy in short clips (my reactions and decisions).

“today i learned”

Yup. I would have been content with a suicide and opponent with some damage, but the outcome was odd.

My video skills suck, i was struggling with the controls - first video i recorded. Again this was a PC player by profile. Your explanation makes sense and video is removed. Thanks for explaining.

I appreciate the time you took to watch and explain each video. As far as the continued question of PC players, you can check their accounts. These issues do not occur (for me) against console players. Whether it’s crossplay, desync, or cheating - there’s is a clear issue with PC & Xbox players. These are snippets from an average player. Sure there are youtubers and content creators that would have done a far better job showcasing things, but I do not claim or aspire to be in that crowd. By your own assessment, 8 of the videos I showed could be cheating. Would you be able to come up with 8 videos of console players doing the same thing? I do not have a vendetta against PC players as I am one for other games. But regarding HALO, there are some highly questionable issues during multiplayer and for me I can say the most egregious ones land 100% of the time with PC opponents.

TLDR: Thank you very much to BlitzGear02 for taking the time to watch, comment, and explain. Did not agree on all videos, but majority of them I believe on same page.

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Agreed :stuck_out_tongue:

Desync seems like a consensus and skill issues - please keep in mind clips are not always showing normal/proper ways of playing as those were not working. We were trying different ways to combat opponents with odd behaviours.

I’m sorry if I came off as spiteful at any point during my review, I’ve been down with a nasty headcold and I’d been pretty deep into analysis. I’m pretty sure I lost objectivity at several places, and that wasn’t very professional of me, so I apologize for that as well.

But no problem. I’m just one guy who tried to apply reasoning to what I saw, and there’s no way I got everything 100% right, so don’t take anything I say as gospel. I try to stay educated on this topic, but I don’t know everything :]


It’s all good! It’s a two way street and I’m far from being saintly. Very thankful for any comments and criticisms. Clips are less than ideal and it’s very difficult to understand fully what’s going on in 5 second clips. It’s very easy to thumbs up or down and that doesn’t benefit anyone usually. Through discourse I learned a lot, and hopefully if 10% of the clips are useful - then I succeeded it bringing light to issues.

I appreciate your efforts and think a few other folks did too. HALO is the only reason I have an Xbox and the main reason I buy the “new” model. So when the game or me have issues in multiplayer it gets frustrating and just disappointing. Playing HALO is my dopamine boost.


I feel you, no disrespect to you, but alot of those clips could do with a bit more fine-aim control. We’ve all been there (Trust me, my gameplay is farrr from perfect. We can’t all be HCS pros and streamers). And clearly some of those clips, your shot placements were good enough that you should’ve came out on top.