Multiplayer issues (desync/cheating/Guardians) Console vs PC players - video link

EDIT: Thanks to the community - shout out to BlitzGear02 - for taking a look, commenting, etc. Lots of the videos can be attributed to desync and I will be removing those. Editing of clips isn’t ideal - my apologies. Please note gameplay is not normal as we were trying different things to attack opponents that had irregularities.

I believe PC players have a massive advantage over console players. I believe some of it is from modding too. I have edited 43 examples to show this in under five minutes. I am far from a media savant so I apologize in advance if the format is not ideal.

In the videos there are examples of overshield not working, blue spider immunity, super hammers, phasing, skewer immunity, kong resistance, and weak rockets against PC players. These are not isolated incidents as they have happened to me more than a few times. I finally started recording them.

One player managed to resist damage from a hammer, -Yoink!- the teammate with the hammer while being sworded from behind by another teammate, killed him, and ran off - I was also firing hydras at him during this event. Another player runs off with a skewer in his leg.

Some of the clips need to be watched at half speed in Youtube to see the nonsense.

Feedback is appreciated as I do want to play HALO but cannot figure out how to play with the PC community.


The weird thing is that we’ve had similar threads from PC games claiming console advantages over PC.

It’s almost like both sides don’t like the umpire’s call (your MMR).

Seems to just be the way they implemented crossplay is causing inconsistencies in various ways. This goes both ways for console and PC players, but you notice it more vs PC players because you play primarily on console.

I seen videos where controllers have advantages too. They can mod their controllers or jailbreak them to control recoil and rate of fire. I remember a video where a guy gave instructions on how to set the settings of a controller to use the sentinal beam with barely any recoil so it would be easier to handle.

To me, a player with aim assist and not faulted by recoil and controlled rate of fire is much scarier than a guy who can 360 3x fast

From those clips, I feel your frustrations. Honestly my #1 problem with Infinite are those exact inconsistencies.
@Darwi This has nothing to do with his MMR or the MMR of anyone in the game.
I see issues with no player collision, desync, and inconsistent weapon damage in the referenced clips.
I agree with @MANJ1T
One of the best things 343 could have done from the start is implement the option to turn off crossplay, but with state of the game right now, that implementation would absolutely decimate the few PC players Infinite has left.
All things considered, I don’t want to have to turn crossplay off, but until they fix the issues…


Pretty much every example in those clips has nothing to do with pc/console. Its just desync issues with their horrible netcode/game engine.

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I watched a few of the clips and man I can feel your pain on all the whiffed melees. The melee whiff happens to me also and way too often. You can literally be within the right distance and area where the melee should connect and you just whiff right past them, its insanely frustrating.


Really?? What about AIM ASSIST on consoles. That is a real big advantage over PC players!

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

Your video #1 you clearly missed a couple of melees and then one of your melees did not connect. Something that happens way too often online. The advantage for this player is that you completely missed multiple melees and then got incinerated by the sentinel beam.

Sorry but I think you’re blaming the wrong things here.

I’m a PC player and have also experienced the vast majority of these as well and it isn’t a result of some magical advantage PC players have or even players cheating. Infinite is plagued by extreme desync and inconsistencies leading to EVERYONE experiencing these problems regardless of platform.

I’ve watched all the clips and while a few may possibly be cheaters the vast majority is just a result of desync. I’m not sure how you convinced yourself it is entirely the fault of PC players cause you’d still run into this stuff with cross-play disabled.

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I have both a PC and Xbox Series X. I can tell you with absolute certainty that Xbox has an advantage.

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While I agree with most of what you said, I believe disabling crossplay would reduce (not emliminate) the amount of desync issues experienced by both parties.

You do know that PC=/KBM? PC players can just as easily play on a controller.

And what magical advantage is that?? A cheaper price $$$?

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Ok Doki Loki, interesting to know!

Unless you’re running the game on a potato the pc and xbox version run identically. I play on both and there’s literally no difference except for some reason the PC is missing the red reticle which is completely whatever to me. I didn’t even notice until someone pointed it out.

Here is a slick trick I have use before. You get one of the very small round stickers that is ( use your to fix the hole on your 3 ring binder paper and put in on you TV/Monitor and put it on your retical in the game :laughing:

It’s better than what we have now!

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

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Not really, the game has unstable moments on any FPS higher than 120. You also can lose aim assist as the PC will pick up the drivers in the background or if you use your M&KB when the game is open. You also get no melee lunge and you’re more likely to crash.

I run on a 3090 so my game usually performs well but playing on my Series X is way more consistent.

Read above. That’s that short version as I am getting ready to board a flight.

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Cap the FPS at 120? I wouldn’t really consider this an advantage of the XBSX since it can only run at 120 anyway.

Losing AA can just as easily be due to desync and happens frequently on console as well. Has loss of AA been connected to specific background drivers? And I’ll concede losing AA while using your M&KB while in-game. They should’ve had a lock-out option similar to CoD where, once you start the match, you’re locked in to your chosen input.

PC really gets no melee lunge? That’s a rough one too…
And I’ll give you the crashing…

I’ll eat my words @IntoVaIhalla. All of these issues SHOULD be fixed though, because they’re unintentional disadvantages.

It’s not. It’s a know bug. A fix should come with the PC update this winter.

Almost never. You can be inches away and get no lunge. I’d say PC players on average have about a 10-15% chance of getting a melee off. This will be fix when red reticle comes with the PC update.

I’ve actually tried this. It does improve performance but I’ve noticed screen tearing. Even with gsync or vsync enabled. I have a support ticket open.

Hopefully they get all that stuff patched out. I know how annoying losing AA is.
Probably a discussion for another thread, but do we know if Aim Assist is calculated based on client-side data or server-side? I’ve noticed some odd happenings that I could only think would be caused by AA being server-side…which is odd to me.

Can confirm. The last time I played with Kbm, I specifically noticed the lack of a melee lunge.

Can’t understand why there’s no lunge. That’s a solid disadvantage against controller players.