Multiplayer is broken (yet again)

So for two warzone games in a row, at random points i have been kicked from games ( no I was not betraying teamates or being inactive), and kicked to the screen where you choose which warzone game type you choose, oh and theres no text or options, just the image of the spartans, the banshee, and the knight, anyone else having this problem?

Heres the screen i keep getting kicked to
Pushing B to quit activity does not work
X for seeing friends works and going to the spartan hub works, otherwise i have to restart the game to do anything else

Make that 3 games

Same thing happened to me. I am sad to say that as far as I know there is no solid fix for it. It just stopped happening on its own in a couple hours.

I guess hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow

I hope it gets fixed soon, kinda upsetting that im missing out on these req points, and i hope it doesnt get me banned for leaving, or whatever its doing

Worst part of all this is that those disconnections are counting as quits since the systems can’t tell the difference and are contributing to your bans

thanks 343!

I would report this this to the UI team in the forums or Bravo on twitter so he can tell them. Never happened to me.