Multiplayer is a bad experience

The campaign looks completely amazing, the graphics are very good and the gameplay looks very solid but … the multiplayer is crap that is completely broken and unbalanced.

Apart from the fact that I consider that the red reticule must return. I do not know what happens but I find it terribly difficult to aim and hit … I do not consider myself very bad or very good but this is something that has not happened to me in any other halo multiplayer.

Another thing to note is the radar. The radar is totally useless because it gives you a false sense of security that you really do not have since there are two meters you have 3 enemies that do not appear on it. I have had crazy situations of being in front of an enemy at 3 meters seeing it and even it did not appear on the radar … Friends, if you want to do good kills, do not look at the radar it only serves to annoy.
They must increase the scope or directly remove it.

This BTB is the worst of the entire series of games. Maps are large mousetraps filled with corridors and rocks. We do not have large and spacious maps as we should have. And the vehicles are very weak, I know that the scorpion and the wraith are in the game but I have not yet had the opportunity to get one and if someone from my team has done it, it has exploded within a few seconds …
Due to the short range of the radar and the large number of corridors and rocks on the map, it is very difficult to position yourself and think of good strategies because it is very easy for any enemy to ambush you.

And finally the weapons, the variety of weapons is very poor and apart they are completely unbalanced. The AR breaks the game in its entirety, it is literally the best weapon in the game and it does not make much sense to go around collecting the other weapons that are on the map.
The commando rifle was good in the tech preview but is now terribly bad, difficult to aim with and has exaggerated recoil.
The plasma gun should be able to paralyze vehicles because it has no use in the game … It does not even serve to remove the shields of your enemies.
The stalker rifle is a laugh, it is useless, it does not hurt, it does not remove shields, it does not kill. I don’t know what this weapon does in the game.

In halo 4 we had a large number of ranged weapons such as the covenant carbine with its great speed of fire, the prometheus rifle and the dmr being very good at long distances and the BR which was like the best option and the middle ground of all the rifles.

The AR must be nerfed … it feels boring to kill with it

One question why do you think we have such a slow battle pass? Because they won’t be able to give us new content in 6 months from now. 6 months in which we are only going to have 3 bad BTB maps and no new weapons that improve the experience of the game … They want to keep us stuck with cosmetics so we don’t see that they don’t have more to offer us in a good time. .

Are you really so blind that you don’t see all these problems?
I AM NOT ANY HATER, I like all halo games, I love the original trilogy, I love halo 4, my favorite multiplayer is reach. I literally don’t hate any game and I like them all in a way but this multiplayer is inconsistent …

As they continue like this, we are going to have seasons in MCC again because the multiplayer will die sooner rather than later.


Please don’t 343 let the game die. I have many years and I have a very open mind to changes but the game is very unbalanced, please improve that

what do you think???

I’m trying really hard to like this game because I think it holds a lot of promise. I think if they increase player inertia while strafing that would improve people’s aim. My biggest concern is the “juice” sound associated with every headshot and multi-kill. It gets on the nerves after a bit.