Multiplayer in H5, how to improve it?

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Halo reach ruined multiplayer and halo4 didn’t do anything right when trying to fix it and it may be too late to recover. Unless 343 is willing to take a big step that might be considered risky. They need to take a huge step backwards.

Sprinting, AAs, loadouts, and lets throw the DMR in as the main reasons why halo’s multiplayer has gotten worse. The beauty of halo was the simplicity and its competitive nature, everyone starts on level ground and the bast man wins. 343 needs to bring halo back to its roots.

When the BR was the main starting weapon you could’t just sit back and pick people off from across the map like with the DMR, you had to get up close and personal. Sprinting allows people to just turn and run when they get in a battle, and to run into battle when they spawn its taken the strategy out of the game and caused chaos.
AAs and loadouts are simply just not halo they were thought of as an evolution and it was a good idea but like i said the simplicity of halo was what made it so good.

Let me say this i dont think that the DMR should be removed from the game but it shouldnt be a starting weapon. It should be treated as an intermediate power weapon. Loadouts, AAs and sprinting need to go, they were a good thought that simply didnt pan out.

One other thing, the raking system for H4 and reach doesn’t work. The reason people but as many hours into H3 and H2 as they did is because it was hard to reach the max rank. Social and ranked playlist need to come back, getting a level 50 wasn’t easy and its what kept people coming back and not just moving on to another game. I like the credit system for purchasing armor and emblems but not for ranking its too easy and takes away from competitive gameplay.

this has nothing to do with the point you were maing as much as i agree with it.

i think in the new multi player there should be no spartan iv’s mainly because of the way they look there weak and slim nothing compared to the tanks that were the spartan II’s and III’s i think they should be kepped in the campaign and firefight if theres any as im intrested to see the story behind them and what hallsey with them when she gets some form of power back.