Multiplayer Impression

I love it.

I had more fun last night than I have had since Halo 2 in multiplayer. I think the Ordinances really add to the game in certain game modes. I think the maps are lacking a bit, but there are 3-4 solid 4v4 maps and the BTB maps have potential. After playing, I do find that the DMR is the superior gun. Howver, unlike most people, I don’t think this is bad. I loved the H2 BR, and this brings me back to those times. It absolutely mows and is pinpoint accurate. All-in-all, I’m having a great time with the MP so far.

In my opinion, Halo 4 is the reinvention the multiplayer needed badly. It was growing stale very quickly, and the additions 343 have made have livened it up immensely.

Anyone who complains about the Ordanance drops either have a grudge against CoD because of its infantile audience and Activision, or they simply suck at the game too much to realise that it is an even playing field. ANYONE can get a drop if they play good enough.

Yeah this game is amazing. Too bad the server is down =(

I’m going to agree with the op on this one. Haven’t had this much fun since my halo 2 days. Once the server issues and loadout reset bug gets fixed the game with be gold.

This isn’t so much a multiplayer concern, but I feel the sheer lack of customisation and the load outs are bringing our favourite game into the CoD era, which isn’t something we ever wanted.

Halo as a game has always been about starting on an equal footing where sheer skill determined the victor and not his pre-set weapon selection. Gadgets / items like sprint are fine and they influence gameplay in new and interesting ways.

But perks and upgraded armour is the stuff of a dedicated FPS such as battlefield and not the Halo franchise. I’m adoring the Campaign and this is quintessentially Halos… It just didn’t need load outs, and making our emblems unlockable was a real kick in the teeth, there was - nothing - wrong with the reach armoury, and this new armoury is gimmicky and limited.

I look like a bionicle or a Mega Blocks toy.