Multiplayer Glitches

So I am experiencing some frustrating glitches and would like to address them so that 343 could address them.

Server issues: I have been recently experiencing dropped matches. I understand that it happens time to time but the past couple of weeks has been rather irritating. Every game that I have played that has DNF is from being dropped. To make things even worse I have had rare and legendary boosts that were active and I just lose those along with being ejected from the game. Does anyone have a solution that i could try? I am pretty sure this is on 343’s end of things.

As I am playing on line I have experienced menu glitches. What i mean by that is that after a game is over all of my REQ points are gone, unable to change my appearance, the experience and REQ points that I just earned are not being applied to my profile (or at least i don’t think so.).

During Warzone or Assault i have had all of my requisitions suspended. The message I get is retrieving data. I have played a hand full of games where I was unable to activate anything. I did eventually close Halo 5 (Quit from the app menu) and that has seemingly fixed the issue.

I went to unlock a Gold pack and nothing happened. Well it took my 10,000 points and I have not received anything.

These issues would have been addressed sooner if I would have know this is where i can make them know. Any help would be great. Thank you