Multiplayer/Game Changes I think need to Happen

Weapon changes:

-Rockets need to be readied a bit faster (feel way to slow before being able to fire when picked up).

-mangler needs a range/damage nerf.

-BR needs increased body damage.

-Ravager needs damage buff to become viable.

  • Reduce recoil of commando.

Playlist: Ranked/Social

I believe this is what the playlist should look like

  • Ranked Slayer - Social Slayer
  • Ranked FFA - Social FFA
  • Ranked Doubles. - Social doubles
  • Ranked Snipers. - Social Snipers
  • Ranked BtB - Social BtB
  • Ranked HCS - Infection
  • Ranked Objective. - griffball/juggernaut.

Quick play could be removed completely to add social objective, griffball and juggernaut could be special occasion playlist.

Game types:

I believe Strongholds should be completely removed from the game especially ranked. It’s one of the least fun and competitive game types because players will not defend instead will just secure and leave undefended.

King of the hill should replace this as it requires more teamwork to actually win which creates a more competitive game and is alot more dummy proof.

Ranking system:

Needs a huge reworking.

-For one I believe that nobody should be able to bring someone into a match that far exceeds their ranking. Ex ( onyx player bringing a gold/platinum player into an high diamond/onyx lobby)

  • I think a ranking above onyx should be added to create more team balances as a large majority of players are diamond that technically don’t have the skill level of a diamond/onyx which makes games extremely lopsided most of the time

  • gain more csr for wins rather than k/d in diamond and up ranks this stops players from stat -Yoink!- in higher ranking and also smurfing in lower ranking.

Last but not least Matchmaking!

There’s absolutely no reason for this game to not have server filtering when even the MCC has it.

I’m in Vegas and I get dropped on 180/93/73/65 ping servers 95% of my ranked matches.

I do not want to play with people from Australia/eu/Mexico

It is not a fun gaming experience on both ends and makes me not even want to play this game.

Other than that we should be able to turn off cross play.

This game is the best halo since H3 and I would love to enjoy it and see it do well! Lmk what y’all think about these ideas! Appreciate it !