Multiplayer free to play?? hope not

I heard from article that Infinite’s MP that could be free to play though. I did hear it says it will be 120 FPS which i hope it is, that would be awesome.

To be honest I don’t like the way if its going to free to play because micro transactions worries me and worse than I thought. I get its ok to have them in free to play games but I feel like that not what halo is. I fear that the micro transactions might be worse than halo 5s if it ends up being free to play because rewarding systems mattered in halo and Infinite might be be the least favorite rewarding system.

Thoughts on this?

Heres an article by the way.

Aesthetic microtrasactions might actually be my favourite gaming invention ever.

It’s nothing but benefits for the community and longevity of the online game.

Pay to win microtrasactions is a death sentence for any game and every company knows that now. There’s zero chance of that happening.

I’d love for Halo Infinite to have a huge free to paly mode for everyone. I’d even say have it be cross platform but PlayStation and Nintendo would never allow it.

Honestly, I like microtransactions (as long as they are direct buys and are cosmetic only). If the MP is free to play and you need to buy the campaign then cool I’m all for it. As long as we see frequent and large updates due to the inflow of money.